Monday, March 28, 2011

Lexi & Jessie Bath Teas

Lexi & Jessie Bath Teas are not only for the bath, since they are made with 100% Natural Herbs you don't have to worry about them staining anything when they are dry, so you can put them anywhere that needs a little freshening up!

Here are some possible ideas for Lexi & Jessie Bath Teas:

  • Tuck one in your Pillow Case to fall asleep with the wonderful aroma.
  • Place one in your dresser drawer to keep clothes smelling great.
  • Put them in your shoes when you aren't wearing them to make them smell nice.
  • Put one in the bottom or top of your locker to get rid of that nasty school/gym locker smell.
  • Put one in your book bag or gym bag.
  • Keep one with your out of season cloths to keep them smelling fresh
  • You could also keep one in the console of your car to keep your car smelling nice, or stick it under the seats.
  • Place one in the bottom of your trash can, before you put in the garbage bag.
  • Put one under your clothes hamper, or attach it to the inside lid of you hamper. Be careful if you put it in your hamper not to wash it with your clothes, it could stain your clothes!
  • You can also put one in with your luggage when you travel, to keep your clothes smelling great.
  • You could also tuck them away in your Bathroom, to keep it smelling nice.
  • Put one in your desk drawer at work to lightly scent your work area.
  • Keep one in your purse to have the aroma all day long.